INTERACTIVE: A Short History of Apple's iPhone

Apple announced on Tuesday that it is introducing a fully revamped version of the operating system it uses on its iPhones. Here, we look back at its precursors, including bricks from the Nineties...

by Michael Northcott
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013

If you're an Apple fanboy then you probably don't listen to a word of the criticism levelled at Apple. But today's announcement that the firm is introducing a new, jazzier interface for its iconic phone has drawn praise and criticism from the puntersphere in equal measure.

Below, we've plotted the evolution of the King of the Smartphones, all the way from the MessagePad that Apple produced in the early Nineties, just a few years after the bulkier desktop PC had begun to take off.

Use the left and right arrows to navigate your way through our timeline, in a timeline interface so slick, Jobs himself would have been proud. We've stuck a couple of YouTube videos in there to for you - including the one where Samsung tastefully ribbed Apple fans all over the world...

Also, a warning: you may not enjoy this if you don't like Apple cynics. We not entirely taken in by all their 'We revolutionised everything in the whole world. Again.' rhetoric.

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