How investing in technology can save you cash

Upgrading your office technology can be good for your conscience as well as your bottom line...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Companies can cut thousands of pounds off their bills every year by investing in smarter technology - and according to online firm, it’s the serviced office sector that’s leading the way. It’s identified six areas where investment in technology is already saving firms money – and in most cases, doing the planet a favour at the same time.

Top of the list is smart metering. By using Automatic Meter Reading devices attached to their meters, firms can work out when they’re using the most energy – and try to find ways to reduce their consumption at these times. So as well as cutting your energy bills (and there’s never been a better time to do that), it also makes your company less of a gas-guzzler.

Telephony advances like VoIP (that’s Voice Over Internet Protocol, to the uninitiated) web conferencing and virtual switchboards can also save you money and reduce your staff’s carbon footprint, because it reduces the cost of their interaction. The only snag is that it also discourages your people from actually talking to each other face-to-face, which can sometimes be counter-productive...

Then there’s the virtual office, a service that tends to be used by smaller businesses. Rather than hiring an expensive box room in the middle of London, you can kick back at home on your sofa while your impressively-addressed virtual office forwards your mail and phone calls – and provides meeting room space if you need to do things in person.

Last on the list is the green computer. And we’re not talking about a funky new Apple competitor here – we’re talking energy-efficient machines that don’t waste half of the power supplied to them (as the average desktop does, apparently)

It’s perhaps not surprising that serviced office clients are leading the way with these measures. After all, if you’re going to persuade cost-savvy firms that it’s good value to rent an expensive serviced office rather than doing it yourself, you’ve got to find other ways to add value – if you can argue that all this whizzy technology will actually cut companies’ bills and save the planet, you’ve got a much better chance of doing that...

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