It's MT's 50th anniversary

EDITOR'S BLOG: I've been reflecting on our half-century of chronicling business, as well as looking towards the future.

Last Updated: 20 Aug 2020

1966. The year of Hurst, Moore, Charlton and their manager, Sir Alf Ramsey. Harold Wilson’s ‘White Heat of Technology’ and The Beatles’ album Revolver. The year that Sir Francis Chichester set off to sail round the world. And in a small office up on the Edgware Road, MT was born.

Now 50 years old, MT is a magazine, a website and an events business. Looking back over 50 years of copies, three things struck me especially.

Firstly, what a sorry state UK business found itself in during the 60s and 70s. Managing decline and coming to terms with a post-industrial economy is never easy, but MT charted this painful process with diligence. The editorial prognosis looked at times relentlessly lacking in optimism, but the team under founding editor Bob Heller really didn’t see much light at the end of the tunnel as they typed away by candlelight during the Three-Day Week. However unsure we may feel about the current future of UK plc and our place in the word, we are unquestionably in a better position now than we were then.

Secondly, what a great-looking mag MT has always been. The art direction of the magazine during the 60s and 70s was a delight. While other business magazines were dour and conservative in their appearance, MT really was right out there in the avant garde. It took us several minutes gazing at the cover of November 1968 before we realised we were looking at an arty shot of a dog foetus in a laboratory flask. What the art team had been on during Les Événements is anyone’s guess.

Thirdly, what a great companion MT has become for all those who manage. It never is just business as usual. MT was the first business magazine to realise that its readers are human with cares, needs, hopes and fears. We were first in with work-life balance, the whole issue of workspace satisfaction and our vital championing of the cause of women in business. And we hope to continue to inform, challenge and entertain you in digital as well as print formats, as we head for our telegram from the Queen.

So, please take some time to get stuck into all the material we’ve chosen for you. Make sure you take the ‘Am I a bad boss test?’. There really is so much great stuff on what the future of work and business really holds. And, what’s more it all comes to life at MT Live: The Future of Work Conference in London on 23 June.

Happy birthday to us.


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