Here are the themes that we will be covering at our Inspiring Women in Business Edinburgh conference. Stay tuned for updates and speaker additions.


Management Today Welcome Remarks

Kate Bassett, head of content, Management Today

The Management Today keynote: Leadership with a conscience

  • One of Britain's most powerful businesswomen shares her career journey, her biggest mistakes and her tips to the top
  • "A special place in hell..": Paving the way for more women in positions of power
  • The main challenges we need to overcome to achieve gender parity in the workplace
  • Being a socially conscious leader. Why kindness wins

Productivity: how to do more and work less

  • Why the 9-5 isn't working: snapshot of the "always-on" culture and a society under stress
  • How to maximise your minutes at work - and still leave enough time for your personal life.
  • How to cope under pressure
  • Practical tips on organising your time and being more efficient

My Story: Let's rethink autism

At the age of 10, Rachel Woods was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. As a young adult, she struggled to find work: "Even with good qualifications, it's hard to find a job. It's even harder when you're autistic." With only 15% of people with autism employed in the UK, how do we change corporate thinking, create inclusive cultures and rethink "disability"?

Rachel Woods, user experience executive, VisitScotland

Panel: How to build an inclusive workplace

  • The business case: why diversity is good for business (and not just your bottom line)
  • How do you create a corporate culture that gives diverse voices a platform?
  • How to stamp out macho language and unconscious biases - and change your lens
  • Learn how to be an inclusive leader

John Booth, director of corporate affairs and marketing, Scottish Enterprise

Chris McCoy MBE, equality & diversity manager and head of mediation partnership team, VisitScotland

The bullies and the bees

Christine Armstrong, author, The Mother of All Jobs

Panel: Getting a better balance, making your work day work for you

  • What can we do to get a better balance?
  • This panel will explore the options including an increase in job-sharing
  • The big little lies we tell about flexible working 
  • How to do it well, challenges and opportunities

Julie Ashworth, CEO, Broadreach and chair, Edinburgh Institiute of Directors

Ruth Chandler, chief people officer, Skyscanner

Guest chair:

Christine Armstrong, author, The Mother of All Jobs

Lessons from the Olympian

  • What can businesses learn from sport?
  • Tips on motivation, team work, resilience, beating your competitors
  • How to beat the odds
  • Mind matters: finding strength within

Lunch and mentoring

A chance to meet the speakers, pick their brains and get one-on-one advice

  • Management Today conferences offer unparalleled access to speakers and an opportunity to "meet a mentor"
  • Delegates are invited to mingle with five of the morning speakers over the lunch break.
  • Gain valuable insight and career advice from some of the country's highest-profile business leaders.

Confidence at work: Get it, feel it, keep it

  • From imposter syndrome to resistance to risk, identify what's holding you back
  • Why is the "gender say gap" a problem?
  • Top tips on building confidence
  • Learn how to develop your executive presence to take your career to the next level

Ros Taylor, executive coach, psychologist and presenter, Ros Taylor Company

Panel: Opportunities ahead: Scotland's biggest growth sectors

  • From the fisheries to farming, from gaming to gin, what are the growth industries and emerging sectors that are shaping Scotland?
  • Identifying Scotland's next unicorn businesses
  • Practical tips on selling overseas
  • Brexit: views, challenges, opportunities

Anne MacColl, advisory board member, Glasgow Caledeonian University and MD, Anne MacColl Consulting

Guest chair:

Liz McAreavey, CEO, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

Creative Minds: Edinburgh, capital of culture

  • What does Scotland have to offer in the creative industries?
  • The financial challenges holding the sector back
  • Creative thinking and diversity - where women can lead the way

How to craft your personal brand

  • Identifying your attributes, skills and leadership style
  • How to stand out amongst the competition
  • Advice on marketing "brand you"
  • The pitfalls to avoid

The Management Today Interview: Out of court: Judge Anuja Ravindra Dhir

As a dyslexic schoolgirl from Dundee, Anuja Dhir was advised to pursue a career in hairdressing. Last year she became the first non-white (and youngest) circuit judge at the Old Bailey. She tells us about breaking the mould, the acts of kindness that motivated her, and why there are two glass ceilings.

Her Honour Judge Anuja Ravindra Dhir QC

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