Management Today's Inspiring Women in Business conference will focus on the following themes. Full agenda coming soon!

The MT Keynote: Levelling the field: Equal power, equal rules

This session will explore the main challenges that we need to overcome to achieve gender parity in the workplace as well as the impact of Brexit on business and equality.

Jo Swinson MP, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats and author of Equal Power

Jo will talk about:

• Her own personal career journey

• What it takes to be a leader

• Breaking the mould and paving the way for more women in positions of power

• The main challenges we need to overcome to achieve gender parity in the workplace

• The impact of Brexit on business and equality

Productivity - how to do more and work less

Every single day it feels like we are being asked to do more, in less time and for less cost. So how do we cope with this never-ending pressure? How do we maximise our minutes to make sure we still leave enough time for our personal lives?

Executive coach Audrey Wiggin offers practical tips on how to combat the busyness, organise our time, and maximise our efficiency.

Audrey Wigginfounder and managing director, Audrey Wiggin Associates

Panel: The bias we don't know

Corporations across the UK are now building unconscious bias training into their programmes for new starters through to senior managers. An awareness of our own unconscious bias can make us better equipped to do well in business.

How can we identify these issues?

Pay gap: what next?

The gender pay gap debate has caused companies to look inwards into their practices and outwards into discussions of fairness and transparency. But does pay gap reporting go far enough in tackling gender inequality in the workplace?

• Scene setting: pay gap stats - what did we learn?

• How can we use the revelations to push for change?

• Does pay gap reporting go far enough?

• What else can be done to make sure boardrooms aren't dominated by men?

• How can we make sure this isn't just a "women's issue"? .

The lies we tell about flexible work

The hours we work have grown two hours per day on average in 20 years. Plus email, plus longer commutes, plus living further away from our own families

More and more people - not just women - are stressed - but women aged 35-44 at work are more stressed than anyone else. It leaves no time for other stuff, including kids but also competitive zumba or fly fishing people often say flexible work is the answer but what does that mean?

Christine Armstrong, co-founder, Jericho Chambers and author of Mother of All Jobs

Making a leap: How to do a career pivot

More and more of us are opting for change. Careers are no longer linear; they are "squiggly".

We will hear from one amazing woman who has left an established and profitable career to try something new and follow a passion.

The MT interview: A CEO's story: The diversity agenda and why it matters

The confidence keynote 

Why do women struggle more than men with confidence in the workplace?

Research shows that women are less likely to put themselves forward for a job or a promotion owing to issues of confidence.

Carrie Swift, managing director, Love Public Speaking

The future of the job share: How to make it work for you

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