Jaguar Land Rover switches to 24-hour Merseyside production

Stat of the day: 24 hours. Thanks to the massive popularity of its new Range Rover Evoque model, Jaguar Land Rover is boosting production in Merseyside with a new 24-hour production schedule.

by Michael Northcott
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

The move will create an additional 1,000 jobs at the firm’s Halewood factory, adding to an existing workforce of 3,500, and will mean that the factory’s employee count has tripled since 2009.

You may have seen the slightly squashed-looking Range Rover zipping around over the last 12 months and thought ‘what a weird looking car’, but the unique look has resulted in enormous global demand. Since its launch last year, 88,000 units have been sold in more than 170 markets. 

JLR is set to rake in around £1.5bn in profits this year, a record for the firm, owned by Indian industrial giant, Tata. This is partly down to growing demand in emerging markets such as China and India. There has long been a fad for adopting Western fashion statements across Asia as symbols of entering the countries’ fast-growing middle classes.

This despite the fact that the original Range Rover is probably better suited to the rough and tumble of the roads over there...

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