Japan opens up to foreign professionals

In May 2006, the Japanese Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy announced a new "Global Strategy" policy that would allow more foreign professionals to work in Japan and extend the length of time they can stay. The country is facing up to a shrinking domestic workforce.

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Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

Japan wants to attract more skilled foreign professionals who can bring expertise from abroad. Specifically, foreign professionals will be permitted to remain in Japan for five years instead of the current three-year period.  The new policy will be included in the annual economic and fiscal management plan that comes out this month.

Although there are close to 2.5 million foreigners that currently reside in Japan, the Japanese domestic workforce is shrinking. Unlike the US or the UK, Japan has remained relatively closed off to immigration in the past. 

However, due to growing concerns about the shrinking population and workforce in Japan, the government is proposing this new policy to increase the labour force through immigration. The new policy will allow foreign professionals to enter career fields such as academic research, investment and healthcare. 

Some Japanese citizens are concerned about this new policy and the influx of immigrants into the country, but with its decreasing population, Japan must accept foreigners in order to maintain its economy.

Source: New 'global strategy' policy to allow more foreign professionals to work in Japan
PBI Asian Human Resources eNewsletter
June 2006
Review by Joe Gill

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