Job losses are virtual too

The perils of working in the automotive industry are pretty well known by now. Recently we've seen Peugeot and TVR shedding jobs. Now, following Ford's decision to offload Jaguar and Land Rover, a grey cloud hovers over thousands more positions across the UK. But the problem is not confined to the real world, it would seem.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010
Take-Two Interactive Software, the firm behind the abhorrent Grand Theft Auto (the video game that offers gamers the chance to nick souped-up cars and drive around town indiscriminately beating people up) has said it will have to cut jobs as it seeks to reduce costs by $25m (£12.6m) annually over the next few years. The company has a workforce of 2,100, a ‘meaningful' number of whom, a company spokesman said, would be offloaded.

Strange to see such a negative business story in the apparently lucrative virtual world. Recently the focus has been on how much money there is to be made through online platforms such as Second Life, the virtual community that has been attracting everyone from IBM to virtual property developers in pursuit of real cash.

But clearly not everyone's benefiting. Take-Two has posted major losses over the past couple of years. It has been accused of overstating profits, and faces continued controversy over the violence in Grand Theft Auto.

Perhaps the drop in the firm's earnings reflects the yoof eschewing Grand Theft Auto's violence in favour of a drive towards world peace. We doubt it. But we don't reckon we'll be seeing a game called Redundancy: The Revenge any time soon either.

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