John Vincent: The ABC of successful meetings

To make up for my recent absence, I'm going to reveal to you The Secret of good meetings.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

OK, OK, I'm back. After more than a month off (well, I did do a rather controversial review of a book) it had better be good, I guess. My friend Jimmy used to draw a graph of time to write a thank-you letter to effort and impact of thank-you letter. If you've been to someone's dinner party, it's nice maybe to send a quick text on the way home. If it's the next day, an email. If you have left it a few days, a nice letter with a biro. A week, and it has to be fountain pen. A week and a bit, fountain pen with an interesting colour ink (maybe aubergine) written on Smythson paper and perhaps a poem about the evening.

So here it is. The equivalent of the aubergine ink and the parchment. And I am going to reveal to you THE SECRET. Forget the power to create your own world through visualisation. Imagine you have climbed to the top of a Tibetan mountain monastery and there inside the temple is a scroll next to some smoking incense. Written on the scroll is the SECRET. The one tip you will carry with you. It is, in my words, the ABC of Successful Meetings... [CONTINUED]

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