John Vincent: Empty companies

Empty companies have no soul, no staff loyalty, and no sense of why they exist. They can't last.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

You may have heard of the phrase empty calories. Sugar is a good example. Up there on calorification (you have the album?) and kind of not really up there on nutrients. This got me thinking about empty companies. Companies perhaps that focus on the share price, but aren't really doing too much for society. An empty company has little loyalty or zeal from its people. Nor from its customers. Nor a sense of why it is improving life on this planet. It's where the Man has taken over and sucked any soul from it. Zombie businesses.

Often, from space, two competitors might look identical: same size, same industry, same customers. But when you look underneath the bonnet, or work in one, they are very different. In the good business, the employees talk about 'we' to describe the company, not 'they'. They presume trust. They are proud to say who they work for. And they have a sense of mission that includes but goes beyond the share price. An example:  Nando's vs Burger King... [CONTINUED]

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John Vincent: Empty companies
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