John Vincent: How to be a good leader

I want to become a better leader, with your help. Here are my ten starting points.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The rise and performance to date of Cameron and Clegg has inspired me to start a conversation about leadership. I was good at it once. And would like to be again. I cannot promise the definitive guide to leadership, nor an entirely coherent set of arguments. Instead, I've come up with a stream of unstructured consciousness for you to digest and perhaps throw back at me. It covers:

- How the smallest communication of values can dramatically change the tone
- Recognising your strengths and weaknesses as a leader
- Different types of leader
- Why different leaders work better in different contexts
- Changing your style to suit your team (of which more tomorrow)
- The importance of the officer's mess
- The need for emotionally secure followers
- Why leadership is incumbent on everyone
- How leaders can act as mirrors as well as beacons
- Avoiding leadership double-speak

Come and help me out HERE.

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