John Vincent: On Situational Leadership

Leadership is not just about sticking to one's own style. You have to adapt to suit the people you manage.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

One of the organisational constructs Henry and I use most effectively in Leon is 'Situational Leadership'. We picked it up from Bain, but Bain I’m sure were inspired by someone else (so if you are the creator of it, write me a postcard). It is a construct that determines what style of leadership you should adopt, given someone’s confidence and competence in a certain task.

When someone is new to a team, or maybe new to being Prime Minister, they will probably be on a bit of a high. New pencil case. New car. New set of staff that stand up straight when you walk into Downing Street and brief you as you march down the corridor (please tell me that’s what it’s like). But the trouble is, you have probably not done that exact job before... [CONTINUED]

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John Vincent: On Situational Leadership

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