Jones grapples with his Gremlins

Dragons' Den star Peter Jones has come face-to-face with some real monsters as the new face of BT...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Last week we brought you news that entrepreneur Peter Jones was replacing Gordon Ramsay as the face of BT’s business service. But it turns out that BT has an even bigger treat for us. The ad campaign will also feature some real A-list stars: 1980s film sensations the Gremlins are back...

The ad itself (which you can see HERE) features Jones working late trying to finish some presentation or other (or possibly reading Facebook, for all we know), only for those pesky Gremlins to invade his office, chewing through wires and pulling out network cables (while giggling demonically, of course).

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll no doubt be as excited as some of the MT team by the sight of Spike and his fiendish scaly chums returning to the silver screen – even if they do have to share the limelight with that lanky bloke from Dragons’ Den. And even if technically they’re not quite the same as before (the puppets themselves have apparently rotted away, so they had to be re-built from the original moulds).

Jones himself, who’s apparently ‘a big fan’, says the Gremlins were model co-stars (ahem). ‘I thoroughly enjoyed it. They were a bit annoying at the start… But working with the Gremlins is not that far different from working with the four dragons on the Dragons’ Den’. As he says, it’s all relative...

Of course, the ad isn’t just a flimsy excuse to recreate some of the 1980s’ best-loved film characters – the point of the whole thing is to advertise BT’s 24-hour support service for business users, in case of unforeseen IT emergencies in the small hours. All very admirable – but there’s just one problem. As any aficionado will tell you, there’s a much easier solution to late-night Gremlin attacks: just don’t get them wet or feed them after midnight...

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