Katie Price - Britain's top female director?

The 'artist' formerly known as Jordan is apparently the most searched female company director in the UK. Well, in terms of credit checks, that is...

by Dave Waller
Last Updated: 19 Sep 2012

Here at MT we are in constant awe of the commercial talents of Katie Price, aka Jordan, viz. her ability to generate huge pecuniary gain despite the absence of any discernible talents. Nonetheless, we were somewhat taken aback today to receive a press release, from credit rating company Creditsafe, proclaiming Price to be 'Britain's top female director'.

However, this is not, as you might assume, top in terms of 'most admired' or 'most respected' or even 'most successful' - apparently, she topped the ranks in terms of women who've had their financial credentials most frequently scrutinised, ahead of such luminaries as entrepreneur Hilary Devey (the BBC's newest Dragon), and Carole Middleton, the future King's mother-in-law. Quite how that equates to 'top female director', you'd have to ask Creditsafe.

The credit rating company informs us that the artist formerly known as Jordan runs both Jordan Trading limited and KDC Trading limited - which, it turns out, are both regarded as being of 'good creditworthiness'. Yet she's probably had to battle constantly against the very perceptions she nurtured to make the money to found those companies in the first place - namely being a silicon-enhanced ex-glamour model, reality TV star and erstwhile wife of Peter Andre.

Perhaps Wayne Rooney has a similar problem: he came ninth in the blokes' list, behind celebrity business types like Alan Sugar and Duncan Bannatyne.

So what's all this supposed to tell us? Well, there's clearly a link between celebrity and credit checks. Presumably trading partners see these people all over the telly - either shouting at reality show contestants, or, in Rooney's case, running around elbowing people in the face - and start to have some doubts about their judgment. Not surprisingly, you might argue.

Unfortunately it's hard to assess someone's commercial savvy precisely from a credit check. But they do reveal whether an individual has been issued with CCJs, has previously been disqualified from holding a directorship or has been associated with a failing company.

And it's not just celebs who are under scrutiny. Over 2.5m Creditsafe director profiles have been accessed in the UK in last 12 months, and over 38m company credit reports in the same period across Europe. A sign, perhaps, of the continued economic uncertainty - and the effect that's had on people's attitudes to risk.

Indeed, if learning that Katie Price's businesses are credit-worthy wasn't enough for you, here's another tasty news nugget: Creditsafe also says that more business credit checks are run at 11am on a Tuesday than at any other time. As to why, we have absolutely no idea. Maybe it takes a 'top female company director' like Jordan to figure it out.

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