How to keep your business flourishing and workplace open with on-site testing

Rachel Davenport, commercial director for AlphaBiolabs on how workplace testing can protect both your workforce and your bottom line

Last Updated: 05 Nov 2020

With a second wave and a second lockdown, many employees are once again working from home – as they may have done throughout much of the pandemic.  

And some businesses are reaping the benefits of such working arrangements, with reduced operational overheads and, at times, a more productive workforce – one that balances work demands with a busy home life more easily. There’s less wasted time, energy and money on long commutes and staff feel safe because they diminish the risk of infection on public transport and from colleagues. 

On the flip side, those businesses unable to operate without a physically present workforce are grappling with staying operational, and keeping employees safe and reassured.

Understandably, with a second lockdown, those whose job requires them to go to a physical place of work are concerned for their own health and that of elderly and vulnerable people in their households, or within their support bubbles. 

If people view every day and every shift as a risk, they may resort to taking measures they might not otherwise consider to stay safe, such as prolonged absenteeism or extra sick days.

Safety in testing

It really doesn’t have to come to that for businesses struggling to cope in these challenging times, says Rachel Davenport, Director at AlphaBiolabs, a company specialising in workplace Covid-19, drug and alcohol testing. 

“Since 2004, we’ve been working with companies across the UK to deliver tailored drug and alcohol testing programmes, we’re now supporting businesses to stay operational in these trying times with a range of employee Covid-19 tests.”

“Collectively, the tests can determine the historic and current infection status of an employee so that employers can make swift arrangements where one or more employees test positive. This can help companies limit a spread of infection within their workforce, through rapid test results. 

“We offer two instant result tests – the Antigen test and the Antibody test – and we also offer the PCR swab test, which requires a laboratory analysis.” 

The Antigen and PCR swab tests determine whether a person has a current, active Covid-19 infection and should self-isolate. 

The Antigen test, similar to the antibody test, is an instant, self-administered test carried out on-site and provides an employer with vital information about the Covid-19 status of an employee, from a nose and throat sample, within 15 minutes.

Similarly, the PCR swab test determines a person’s current infection status but involves a laboratory process which takes place at a dedicated Covid-19 testing facility. The sample collection can be carried out on-site by the employee themselves, and once the samples reach the lab, there’s a result the next working day.

“Our rapid Antibody test will determine whether an individual has had a previous case of Covid-19,” says Davenport. 

It does this using a finger-prick blood sample that is blotted into an immunoassay device, which then provides a result via a small display window, within 15 minutes. 

Testing to suit

“AlphaBiolabs understand first-hand the challenges businesses face in these difficult times. Implementing testing into the running of our own business has allowed us to keep going and serve our customers throughout lockdown,” says Davenport 

“As well as providing our Covid-19 support to businesses, the workplace drug-and-alcohol testing continues to help employers across the UK.”

Results from workplace testing that AlphaBiolabs’ clients have carried out, show an increase in employees’ alcohol and illicit drug use. The pandemic has affected everyone differently and employers need to consider that in the future they cannot afford to have employees on site that aren’t fit for work.

Get in touch with AlphaBiolabs to discuss your company’s testing needs. Let us help you, so you can protect your workforce and your bottom line. Visit our website for more information about our workplace COVID-19 tests: Instant Antigen Test, Instant Antibody Test and our COVID-19 PCR laboratory test. Email or call 0333 600 1300.

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