Killer email marketing tips

Modern day marketers need to be aware that their brand messages are at risk of being swallowed up in the abyss that can be email marketing.

by John Watton
Last Updated: 24 May 2013

On average, consumers are receiving over 30,000 advertising messages per person, per day. So it is essential that your business stands out from the crowd. Below are some essential email marketing tips: 

1. Design for the small screen

You have one chance to get someone to respond to an email. As smartphone usage explodes, it’s imperative to design email messages so people can interact with them on their mobile devices.
2. Have a welcome programme

Failing to welcome new subscribers is akin to a shop floor salesman ignoring people when they walk in the door. A welcome message, or ideally a series of welcome messages, will ease people into the email stream, boost sales and minimise spam complaints.
3. Exercise list hygiene

ISPs are getting more and more particular about delivering commercial email. They want to deliver email people want and filter the stuff they don’t. The key to delivery is engagement. The trick is knowing which email addresses to remove and which are email addresses held by customers who want to hear from you but simply don’t need you right now…


John Watton is senior marketing director at Silverpop.

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