Ladies, what's your work wardrobe style?

Women are held to far higher standards over their appearance than men - especially in the workplace.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 27 Apr 2015

What we wear to work - or anywhere for that matter - shouldn't really matter. It's the substance not the spin, right? Wrong. especially for women.

'Fashion shouldn’t really matter, but [it's] like book covers, like icing on a cupcake that makes it look more appealing,' ITV presenter and entrepreneur Genelle Aldred told the Inspiring Women Birmingham conference yesterday. 'You can dress your way into a job... I never go into a conversation with my boss about a new opportunity if my outfit isn’t on point.'

'If a woman wore the same thing on air for a week, never mind a year, people would be absolutely up in arms,' she said, pointing to the example of an Australian TV anchor who wore the same suit for a year in 'solidarity' with his female co-presenter. 'It’s not a level playing field out there, we’re held to different standards.'

Style is completely 'personal' though, Aldred, who runs online boutique SadeRose, said. And, because everyone loves a good quiz, here's one she wrote to help you discover yours (men can play along too of course).

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