Lady Gaga builds 'floating' holiday home in Crete

Stat of the day: €12m. The Queen of Pop is rumoured to be building a luxury €12m pad on the island of Crete, it was revealed today. Could her patronage save the Greek economy?

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Let's do the maths. Lady Gaga, of 'Paparazzi' and 'Telephone' fame, is the most followed person on Twitter, with 27,185, 654 acolytes hanging on to her every character. If just 10% of these followers, or  'Little Monsters' as she prefers to call them, make a pilgrimage to Crete to try and catch a glimpse of their icon, this could provide a substantial boost to Greece's GDP.

The average cost of a family holiday to Greece is £3,000, but most of these Lady Gaga fans probably won't be taking their folks along, so let's call it a round £1,000 for a rabid Monster to spend a week in the Cretan sun. So, 2.7 million fans, spending £1,000... This could create a tourism boom like no other.

Gaga herself will also be making a substantial cash contribution to the beleaguered nation. Aside from the estimated €12m she is spending on a dream house - the rumour mill seems to think she is erecting a 'palace' and a church that will 'look like they are floating on the sea', let's not forget the cost of hiring a retinue to service the properties, and the tennis court, and the two pools she is building.

All that's left is for Greece to turn on the charm make sure the 'Bad Romance' star stays on its shores. The Greeks would be Gaga not to...


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