Lady Geek: Dell wakes up to what women want

Dell's never been very good at marketing its products to women. But times are changing.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

'I listen to a customer call every day.  Every single day.'  Dell Global Chief Marketing Officer, Paul-Henri Ferrand.

I am impressed: I have met hundreds of heads of marketing, and never has any of them told me they devote this much time to actual customer contact. Most marketing directors I meet speak of their customers as an abstract quantity, or perhaps an undiscovered exotic species. This probably explains why most heads of marketing have a disproportionate reckoning of the importance of their brand in their customer's life.

Not Paul-Henri from Dell. He seems different. He is French and charismatic (which helps). But it's more than that - he talks with conviction and ambition about the transition towards a 'new Dell.' The old Dell, as I remember it, is a commodity box-shifting business which was sales-focused and masculine. If they had a motto, it would have been 'pile em high and sell 'em cheap'. The new Dell that Paul-Henri envisions is a company that puts customers at the heart of the business... [CONTINUED]

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