Lady Geek: A lesson in fearlessness with Eileen Gittins

The Blurb CEO shows gender makes no difference when it comes to raising finance.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The minute I meet Eileen Gittins, the CEO of Blurb, I liked her. She's warm, direct and funny. She's one of those women who you know would give you a straight answer if you asked her a direct question.  I want to know more about her story. How did she get from being ‘an artist at heart’ to one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in San Francisco generating $45million in revenue in 2009 and shipping 1.2 million books to more than 60 countries?

And how did she manage to get VC funding of over $1million when just 5.7 per cent out of a total of more than $20 billion of VC funding in North America goes to companies with female bosses? What is about Eileen that makes her just successful? [CONTINUES]

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Lady Geek: A lesson in fearlessness with Eileen Gittins

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