Lady Geek: Is technology different for girls?

Why do technology companies think they have to sell to women by pinking up and dumbing down?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Do women really want a laptop that matches their outfit? That seems to be what technology companies think, according to MT blogger Belinda Parmar - and she's sick of it. Dell's disastrous Della website, Comet Angels... the list of terrible 'female-friendly' marketing initiatives is a long one. 'The technology industry is where the automotive industry was 20 years ago - nervous boys at the school dance who do not quite know what to do or say to women,' fumes Parmar. And with women now responsible for 40% of gadget purchases in the UK, companies are missing out on a huge opportunity. So what they should do about it? Strangely enough, she thinks they can learn a lot from Jeremy Clarkson... CLICK HERE TO READ 'IS TECHNOLOGY DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS?' and let us know what you think.

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Lady Geek: Is technology different for girls?

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