Land grab

Many Indian companies continue their tradition of philanthropy but they have yet to catch up with the West in terms of CSR.

by Ethical Corporation
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

Some Indian firms have been criticised for the way they have dealt with the acquisition of land from local communities. For example, some of them have been an unwitting cause of violent clashes after their purchase of land has led to local protestors clashing with the police. Their regret for these incidents has not satisfied critics, who would have liked to have seen better management of such matters in the first place.

While at least bigger companies try to incorporate international standards of ethics, many smaller firms in India do not consider it necessary. Foreign companies have helped to raise CSR standards but they too have been criticised for alleged unethical practices.

However, some international companies are trying to improve matters. Retailers Monsoon, Next and Gap, for instance, support an organisation set up to protect the rights of home workers.

Asian giant on an ethical crash course,
Poulomi Saha,
Ethical Corporation, April 2007

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