Land Securities' eyes light up at Piccadilly ad extension

The iconic advertising hoardings at Piccadilly circus are about to get a sixth screen. That's another £2m a year in LandSecs' pocket...

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 14 Aug 2013
The bright lights of London’s Piccadilly are about to get a bit brighter, with the construction of a new advertising screen.

Land Securities is planning to build a new 25m by 5m screen as part of the new ‘One Piccadilly’, which includes revamps of Barclays Bank and Boots. The screen will replace a static ad, currently occupied by Lycamobile, and a narrow ticker screen.

Once companies get a spot on the five ‘lights’, they tend to stay there. Perrier became the first advertiser there when they were first installed in 1908, but Coca-Cola has been advertising there since 1955, while Sanyo gave its spot up to Hyundai in 2011 after 30 years there.

It’s also the first time the space has been extended since 1908 – but with 2 million people passing through the area every week, 70% of whom are pedestrians, you can see why Land Securities, which has owned the site since the 1970s, wants to install a sixth screen. Apparently it wants a new brand to launch an ad on the hoarding by Christmas.

Piccadilly Lights is a ‘coveted advertising location’, said Land Securities’ Rob Jewell, ‘so we’re very excited to welcome a new brand to the site’. Given Hyundai is reportedly paying about £2m a year for its spot, we bet LandSecs is excited…

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