A landmark event for marketing, sales and customer service leaders promises dozens of ‘Aha!’ moments

Ahead of HubSpot’s inaugural GROW Europe event, Ben Harmanus, head of brand for EMEA, shares what attendees can look forward to.

by Lauren Brown
Last Updated: 28 May 2021

With a full day of inspiring keynotes and focused, expert sessions from globally acclaimed leaders lined up, HubSpot’s GROW Europe event is set to be a digital experience professionals in marketing, sales and customer service won’t want to miss. 

Taking place on June 8, attendees will be able to connect with thousands of European professionals and participate in practical courses tackling some of the hottest topics of the moment, from harnessing the power of podcasts to maximising the potential of account-based marketing. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from Scott Galloway, who, as a professor of marketing at NYU Stern School of Business, bestselling author, and co-host of the popular Pivot podcast, will provide a global perspective on how to achieve growth these days; Johnny Boufarhat, founder and CEO of Hopin, the online events platform that just earned the title of fastest-growing European startup ever and Céline Daley, head of revenue at DeepL is also among the many other must-see speakers.

“We expect attendees to walk away with a deep understanding of the strategies and best practices they need to define the coming months,” says HubSpot’s head of brand for EMEA, Ben Harmanus. 

“Many will be overawed by the strategies that can be implemented the very next day. It's not just about growth forced by big budgets, but about being smarter with data and offering a better customer experience than the competition. If you take just one very good idea from an event that changes the way you do business forever, isn’t worth the investment? GROW Europe will provide dozens of these ‘Aha!’ moments.”

For aspiring ‘experience disrupters’ looking to equip themselves with the tools they need to develop themselves further and fuel their business, the timing of the event couldn’t be more auspicious.

In a changing world, it has never been more important to approach growth in a human and empathetic way, says Harmanus, and every aspect of the day has been crafted to reflect Hubspot’s core philosophy. 

“The old way of thinking has had its day,” he explains. “Customer service is not a necessary evil.

“In fact, customers are part of the flywheel that replaces the traditional sales funnel. Growing better is remembering you're helping unique people, not personas. It's placing long-term relationships ahead of those short-term gains. It's making the right decisions — even when they're not the easy ones.

“Growing better is succeeding with a soul. Today, the best businesses really do ‘solve for the customer’ and put their customers first. They grow because of their customers' trust and loyalty, realising that when their customers succeed, they do too.”

The uncertainty that has enveloped communities and economies everywhere due to the pandemic means that, in this new environment, growth can be a tough topic to broach. 

Few companies are experiencing accelerated growth due to dramatic shifts in consumer behavior and a large number still face significant challenges. So, industry leaders are at a crossroads. 

“In the past few months,” Harmanus explains, “for many, it has been about survival, not growth. In 2021, GROW becomes especially relevant for nearly any customer-facing team, as businesses have started to see the light at the end of the tunnel and therefore need to think about how to return to the path of growth following the challenges of the past year. 

“There is lots of talk about digital transformation, but first we need to transform our mindset. And by attending GROW leaders can be among the pioneers leading the way.” 

Management Today caught up with some of the speakers ahead of GROW to find out why they’re taking the stage, why you need to attend and what you can expect…

Johnny Boufarhat, founder and CEO of Hopin, the online events platform that just earned the title of fastest-growing European startup ever, is looking forward to opening the show and sharing his top tips for success: "Focus on providing the best possible product for your customer and never stop looking for feedback and opportunities to make their experience even better.”

Current and aspiring commercial leaders won’t want to miss out on GROW, says Céline Daley, head of revenue at DeepL: "Attendees can expect a fresh way of approaching growth, where full-funnel ownership and cross-functional collaboration are central to success.”

"I will be sharing LinkedIn platform insights, such as hiring, content, and engagement trends, and recommendations to help marketers reach their communities of employees, customers, and partners to help them navigate their return to growth," says Nicolas Cappiello EMEA senior director, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

While attendees with an all-access premium pass will be able to quiz Will Barron, host of The Salesman Podcast, the worlds most downloaded B2B sales podcast. "I will be sharing how I have gone from someone with zero podcast downloads and no brand equity, to more than 700,000 monthly podcast downloads. I’d like people to take away that if an average guy like me can have extraordinary marketing results – you can too."

Debbie Forster MBE, CEO, Tech Talent Charter, says GROW is a great platform "because it’s important to get out of our typical bubbles and silos to learn... this is a crucial time to plan for growth, to move from crisis recovery into innovative growth”. 

Register here to save your seat at the HubSpot’s GROW Europe event.

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