LAST CHANCE: MT's 2008 in 20 Questions

Today's your last chance to enter the Big MT Prize Quiz - what can you remember about the drama of 2008?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

This year, business has dominated the front pages of every newspaper – and MT has been there every step of the way. So as a special end-of-year treat, here’s a chance for you to show us how much you remember of the biggest business news stories of 2008, courtesy of our annual Prize Quiz.

Are you au fait with financials? Clued-up on the credit crunch? On top of the turbulence? In other words, after a year in which several big industries have almost ground to a halt, do you know your cars from your LBOs? Scroll down to test your recall of the good, the bad, the ugly – and the downright weird…

Send your answers to by Wednesday 7th January, headed 'Big MT 2008 Quiz' – there’ll be a prize for the three best attempts. (And no need to head for Google: if your memory's hazy, all the answers can be found right here on the site).


The good

1. Whose ‘viewing figures’ provided a big commercial boost for New York magazine in February?

2. In January, Olivier Martinez was named as the bookies’ favourite to play which infamous Frenchman in a film of his life?

3. Which supermarket donated £100,000 to charity in April after embarrassing the Office for Fair Trading?

4. Which company, not known for its sartorial elegance, commissioned Bruce Oldfield to design its new uniforms in April?

5. Who had cause to raise a glass or two in December after being named by MT as Britain’s Most Admired Company, for the very first time?

The bad

6. Which high-street CEO said he was standing down in June after revealing an (ultimately terminal) drop in sales?

7. Which private-equity favourite (who should have been used to breakdowns) agreed in May to run London for just £1 – only to decide it wasn’t such a good idea after all before the year was out?

8. Who was forced to pull a (fairly inoffensive) TV ad after receiving more than 200 complaints about its saucy content?

9. Who was given a much-coveted job in June, despite lying on his CV and imitating a dinosaur in his final interview?

10. A survey in February found that three-quarters of us think which company department is (at best) a complete waste of space?

The ugly

11. Which corporate giant ousted its head of food in July, just 12 months into their tenure, as cost-conscious shoppers looked for cheaper eats?

12. Apart from the contestants on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’, who else (in the corporate world) took a serious bath on ITV this year?

13. Whose collapse in September caused misery for thousands of British holiday-makers (not to mention some irate Irons)?

14. Which combative company enlisted the help of the advertising regulator to scupper a rival’s ad – just months after referring to them as ‘Absurd Silly Assses’ for two earlier rulings that went against them?

15. Which entrepreneur endured a very public falling-out with his own board this year about the strategy of the company he founded in 1995?

And the downright weird…

16. Which annual event was battered by an adverse health and safety ruling in February?

17. What would persuade 45% of women to give up all their confidential IT information, according to an April survey?

18. Which model businesswoman was improbably named as the world’s most admired female entrepreneur in an August poll?

19. Which corporate behemoth was threatened with having his mansion bulldozed after provoking the wrath of 58-year-old grandmother Dot Smith?

20. Why did the Government stump up £100,000 of taxpayers’ money to a mystery Liechtensteinian ex-bank official in February?

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