Managing self-management: 7 steps for (finally) making it work

First up is ordering employees to be free...

AI creates gender bias in leadership

As AI creeps into every industry, there are concerns that its misinformation could negatively impact women at the top.

Douglas Hansen-Luke: 'Venture capital is on a cliff edge'

The founder and CEO of Future Planet Capital, discusses the state of venture capital and why he believes impact investing is the future.

Hire creative talent over technical skills, says tech CEO

Too many businesses fail to value creativity. But it could transform their operations – and supercharge their growth, argues the CEO and founder of Animus Bytes.

The company with four chief execs

For many, the CEO role is the cherished culmination of years of hard graft. So what happens when you have to share the top job with not one, but three co-leaders?

The harmful cost of the UK’s cult of the accidental manager

More than half of the productivity gap between the UK and the USA can be attributed to poor management. Effective management is a necessity for success, argues the CMI's director of policy.

Show me the money: People prioritise higher salaries over purpose

Despite suggestions that Covid prompted people to find meaningful work, most people still prioritise money, new research finds.

Is the future of work no work?

For decades, we've been warned that robots are coming for our jobs. This time is it for real?

Napoleon: “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than 1,000 bayonets.”

“I am sometimes a fox and sometimes a lion. The whole secret of government is knowing when to be one or the other.”

Old is gold: The power of 'critical friends' for young businesses

The importance of good governance is in the news after the surprising moves at OpenAI. Nina Jasinski argues that for new companies, drawing on experienced critical friends is crucial to success.

The 2023 Autumn Budget: An admission Liz Truss was right?

The Budget decoded for business leaders: “Hunt’s autumn statement can be read as a tacit admission that Liz Truss may have been onto something with her (badly-costed) dash for growth.”

MT Asks: What do CEOs make of the 2023 Autumn Budget?

Tax cuts, discounted rates and AI support were just a few of the policies laid out in this year’s statement.

Charlie Rudd on turnarounds: "Build a beacon, don't do surgery"

The group CEO of three advertising agencies tells MT his tips for turnaround success, from focusing on gangs and little wins, to why he never runs to a meeting.

Traditional business theory makes the case for ESG - if only UK Plc would pay attention

A heretical view? There is not enough focus on shareholder value in the current conversation about sustainability, argues London Business School’s professor of finance.

Trust matters: Why organisations and leaders should rethink their approach

Henley Business School professor Dr Chris Dalton considers trust in management and leadership.

The 5 top leadership struggles - and how to overcome them

Leaders routinely have to overcome the same struggles to be more effective – no matter if it’s the public, private or government sector.

Kate Ryder: “Scaling a technology company is a fun problem to solve”

How one woman’s own plans to start a family inspired a global clinic with women at its very heart.

Caxton founder: ‘Raising money is the start of your problems’

Keeping control of your business is everything, argues Caxton Payments founder Rupert Lee-Browne.

Bezos mocked for photo shoot that social media users say looks AI generated

MT’s round-up of this week’s talking points.

Six ways to inspire trust in your leadership

There are nine habits for building trust, and you probably only know three of them, argues Dr John Blakey, founder of The Trusted Executive.

The CEO who turned down the job...twice

Vicky Bullen has held the title of CEO at Coley Porter Bell for 15 years. But it took a couple of false starts for her to get there.

Boardrooms don’t buy cola: The case for humble confidence

Beware the allure of familiar brands - it can prevent effective decision-making. LogChain CEO, Andrew McKeown explores why.

Can a reshuffle set up an organisation for success?

How do leaders manage the reshuffle of a senior team? Doug Baird, CEO of people advisory firm New Street Consulting Group, looks at how to successfully transition to a new top team.

Organisational ghosts: A haunting legacy

Former leaders exude a huge amount of influence over an organisation, which raises questions about when it's time to let go of the past.

‘Just pick something low risk’: advice from an AI start-up

Martin Kon, president and chief operating officer at Cohere, gives his take on the new AI frontier and provides unsure leaders with advice on getting started.

Should your business introduce dynamic pricing?

"The price of the same drink could vary from one round to another or, if you’re unlucky, while a round is being ordered.” Paul Simpson investigates the increasingly common policy of surge pricing.

Are insider or outsider CEOs best for growth?

The answer is not so simple.

NatWest scraps majority of Dame Alison Rose’s payout after Farage scandal

MT’s round-up of this week’s talking points.

The 3 corporate superheroes of tomorrow

Go Go Power Rangers! Thirty years after the launch of the franchise, Publicis Sapient CEO Nigel Vaz reimagines the superhero team to meet today's business challenges.

Experimental mindsets, parallelism and magpies - the secret innovation rules

PA Consulting's innovation chief takes MT inside the race to build 30,000 ventilators in just 8 weeks and other 'impossible' challenges.

What Eddie Jones teaches CEOs about the price of ego

Leadership is a privilege. Don’t fall into the trap of becoming an egotistical cliché.

Why financial analysts are providing inadequate scrutiny of fraudulent CEOs

As FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is convicted for perpetrating "one of the biggest financial frauds in US history", research finds analysts are often blinded by the "truth bias".

The powerful antidote against competitive blind spots

What Francis of Assisi tells us about how businesses can beat the competition, according to Interbrand’s global chief strategy officer Manfredi Ricca.

‘A great CEO doesn’t need to have P&L experience’

It's time to stop dismissing CEO candidates who haven’t followed a traditional path as risky and start recognising the value they can bring to the table.

NetSuite founder: “I wouldn't recommend shutting a business to my worst enemy”

The enigmatic co-founder speaks to MT about his vision for NetSuite, the scepticism around AI and how he takes advantage of a crisis.

Musk tells PM artificial intelligence will eradicate the need to work

MT’s round-up of this week’s talking points.

Family fortunes: How to pass the leadership baton without jeopardising familial ties

CEO succession is a difficult business, not least when you're a family business, says Boyden UK & Ireland partner, Kevin Keegan.

Do companies think and feel?

If an organisation is perceived to have a full mind, like a human being, it is more likely to be judged positively than one that isn’t.

‘We were scalpel sharp in our vision from day one’

Wingstop UK co-founders tell MT about putting their own stamp on a chicken concept that is the fodder and muse of US rap icons.

Insolvencies at 14-year high in April to September

Rising interest rates, debt levels and prices are seemingly to blame for the highest number of insolvencies since the 2008 financial crash.

"I disagree, servant leadership is not weak management"

MT ran a recent opinion piece from the Oliver Wight EAME CEO Kirsty Braines explaining why CEOs must reject servant leadership. Here's why Ben Lichtenwalner disagrees.

Prominent computer scientist warns AI Safety Summit is 'too selective'

Nigel Shadbolt, who founded the Open Data Institute with Tim Berners-Lee, says the future of AI should not be decided by an exclusive group. Leaders must become more data literate to have a voice.

How can leaders retain their 'looking to leave' talent?

Brightest talent eyeing the exit? You might not be as good a manager as you think, argue the authors of The Answer is a Question.

Actually, women do ask for more pay

Studies show that women are more likely than men to negotiate their job – which often results in higher pay.

Decision to close Farage’s Coutts account was lawful, review finds

MT’s round-up of this week’s talking points.

"SMEs are littered with the failures of those promoted beyond their capabilities"

Sara Pearson, founder and co-owner of three businesses, is concerned about the younger generation's approach to entrepreneurship. "Not everyone can be the boss," she argues.

Lessons in growing, then selling a business from a former spin doctor

Hanover Communications founder and executive chair Charles Lewington on the parallels between business and politics and why hard work isn’t the answer to everything.

Benenden Health CEO: “If you try to mislead, you will always get found out”

As record numbers turn to private healthcare, the sector is facing increased criticism and risks becoming 'the enemy'. Benenden Health’s CEO explains why it’s crucial for leaders to engage with critics.

Why leaders of tomorrow must listen to their intuition

Data can only take you so far, argues Nicholas Janni, author of this year's Business Book Awards Book of the Year winner.