Launch and listen

Start-up firms in the hi-tech sector claim that making mistakes is a good thing. A low-budget social networking site for pet-lovers called would rather test a new feature quickly and learn from the customers' response than spend weeks trying to get it right before it sees the light of day.

by Business 2.0
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

Initially, its ideas for attracting ads failed, but it learnt from the responses and changed tack. Now it has 275,000 members and some 340,000 photos of people's pets.

Another website company offering a facility to search and organise digital images flopped. The entrepreneur behind the project studied the reason for the failure and realised that people wanted a web image search tool.

So he created a new company called to offer this service. Google treats everything it does as an experiment and has a 'launch, listen, improve and launch again' approach to its new products.

A start-up's best friend? Failure
Tom McNichol
Business 2.0, March 2007

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