LAUNCHPAD: Thom Yorke takes on Spotify

The Radiohead singer is removing some of his music from the streaming service. At least he's trying...

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 26 Jul 2013

There aren’t many musicians with enough cash to spare to challenge music streaming service Spotify, which is notorious in the industry for the low fees it pays to artists.

Props, then, to Radiohead singer Thom Yorke, who announced via Twitter yesterday evening that he and producer Nigel Godrich were pulling some of their music off Spotify in protest against the service’s policy of paying ‘f*ck all’, as Godrich delicately put it.

Godrich’s explanation is too lengthy to quote in full (you can see the full rant here), but Yorke was more pithy: 

Trouble is, in comparison to Yorke’s multi-platinum-selling Radiohead albums, the stuff the pair has chosen to pull is a bit… marginal. Godrich said the pair were taking ‘Eraser and Amok and Ultraista’ off Spotify – two of which are side projects of Yorke’s, the other is Godrich’s pet project. It isn’t exactly going to hurt Spotify on the same scale as if Yorke decided to pull, say, OK Computer.

Still, Yorke reckons it’ll be enough to make the corporate evil-doers at Spotify sit up and listen:

Go on, Thom. You stick it to the man.

- Image credit: Flickr/angela n

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