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Leading with Purpose 

Monday 14th November  – 13th December 2022

Led by Chris Dalton 

Move beyond managing only for economic growth and  re-examine how you lead from an environmental, social, and governance  perspective.

Purpose is more than just a pressing question for the future; As recent world events and global trends have emphasised, knowing how to frame, express and live with purpose may be the defining feature of sustainability in business.

Corporate life is messy, complex, and unpredictable, so Leading with Purpose will explore two critical questions: “What are we here to do?” and “Where do we go from here?”

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Leadership and Reputation

Monday 24th January – Monday 7th March 2023

Led by Dr Nicky Garsten

Corporate reputation is based as much on how businesses respond to societal concerns as on more traditional questions such as stakeholder relations and risk management. As well as their decisions, a leader’s style and approach can strongly influence perceptions, something seen repeatedly in every industry or sector. This course will provide a legal, ethical and moral framework for decision making and communication at a senior level, as well as a playbook for what happens when your reputation is in crisis.

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Strategic Leadership  

Monday 14th March – Monday 18th April 2023 

Led by Dr James Blackmore-Wright

Strategic leadership demands the ability to navigate an organisation through uncertain times and today’s executives need a skillset that can, ultimately, mean the difference between success and failure. In the Strategic Leadership module of Management Today’s Leadership Learning programme, students will learn how to embed long-term organisational development into their thinking, how to navigate complexity and uncertainty and how to demonstrate the behaviours (from horizon scanning to scenario planning) required of truly strategic leaders.

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Talent Management for Leaders  

Monday 15th May – Monday 20 June 2023

The most valuable asset in an organisation is one rarely included on the balance sheet – the skills, knowledge and experience of those who work there, known as human capital. Employee engagement and strategic talent management in an age of information and networks means aligning an organisation's efforts to find, recruit and retain the best employees with overall aims and objectives.From embracing inclusion to taking succession planning seriously, this course looks at the myriad ways leaders should view and interact with talent and how they can help shape the careers of those around them to make their organisations more dynamic, accountable and effective.

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