Leadership lessons from the All Blacks

WATCH: New Zealand's rugby squad is one of the most successful sports teams of all time.

Last Updated: 30 Mar 2016

New Zealand’s international men’s rugby squad has won more than 75% of the test matches it has played and has only been defeated by five other nations, making it one of the most successful sports teams of all time. In the second video in Antidote’s Dare Mighty Things series we hear from James Kerr, a consultant and business writer who spent five weeks with the All Blacks to study their organisational culture.

‘There are some really core driving principles about the way the All Blacks approach what they do,’ says Kerr. ‘One of the equations used is that performance = capability x behaviour. So if you’re really ambitious for exceptional results then your role as a leader is to create exceptional circumstances – the circumstances that can enable your people to be the best they can possibly be.’

002 - Dare Mighty Things SE1 - James Kerr from Antidote on Vimeo.

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