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This week's video round-up runs along an economics theme. The New Year is always a big time for fiscal predictions, which means having to engage in some potentially chewy conversations on money matters. How best to deal with it – admit your ignorance or bluff along? We’ve got Ali G trying to understand the concept of 'selling high', another bungled economics report from the Day Today, and American economics commentator Cramer showing that sometimes it’s best not to know too much.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The economy is the perfect fodder for Ali G’s unique brand of urban ignorance. Here he quizzes George Schultz on the perfect pin number, and learns that the concept of selling high works best when the word high describes the price, not the vendor.

The Day Today’s Peter O’Hanrarahanrahan is not the most reliable man to handle economics news. Here he reports from Brussels on quota rates, and shows once again the perils of lying to cover up the fact that you’re totally out of your depth.

Sometimes, of course, ignorance is bliss. As American commentator Jim Cramer shows, at least when it comes to market turmoil, too much knowledge really can start to mess with your head. ‘Unfortunately I know too many people and I’m too darn old,’ he moans.


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