Leadership lessons from YouTube

Inspired by SocGen, we’re covering fraud this week. Our tutors: Roger Mellie, Monty Python, and Vinnie Jones.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

When it comes to fraud, you can’t get much lower than ripping off a children’s charity. That doesn’t stop Roger Mellie, Viz’s potty-mouthed TV presenter, in his version of Challenge Anneka. ‘We’re building a swimming pool for the kids,’ he tells a local barman. ‘Can we have a couple of pints of lager and two double whiskies?’

It must take nerves of steel to carry off a multi-billion pound fraud. Here when Monty Python’s board notice a missing penny, Michael Palin can’t take the heat. Typically the sketch then descends into chaos. You couldn’t get away with such sloppy control nowadays. Then again, they said that about banking…

Mess with other people’s money and you can of course end up in some hairy encounters, with characters like Vinny Jones’ in Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Tip: pay them back before trying to top up your tan.

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