Leadership lessons from YouTube

This week we focus on the hard sell. Our tutors: Cillit Bang, Fonejacker and Boiler Room.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

This week Reckitt Benckiser’s chief exec described some of their innovations as ‘stupid ideas’. It’s not the most sensible way to persuade people to buy your products. Then again, his company does make Cillit Bang, of the famously ridiculous ad campaigns. Hard sells don’t come more forceful than this, especially when it has been given a techno remix.

Cillit Bang’s ads may elevate low budget to an art form, but an even cheaper sales option is the telemarketing route. The only snag: make sure your salespeople have some backbone. Otherwise, as here in Boiler Room, they’ll need their cold-calling victims to tell ’em how it’s done.

Your next step is moving the call-centre offshore, which will take the cost down even further and may give you a more dedicated salesforce. But that doesn't mean it will go down any better with your potential customers. Especially if, like the prankster from Fonejacker, you’re offering broadband for £80 a month.

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