Leadership lessons from YouTube

This week we're studying discipline. Our schools of hard knocks: Seinfeld, The Office, and Dr Strangelove.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

There’s a right and wrong way to react when you an employee delivers sub-standard work. Going over their mistakes with a kind word is good; reading the riot act perhaps not so. Still, better that than employing the extreme methods used here in Seinfeld, by George Costanza’s boss.

Dr Strangelove’s General Ripper shows us that when faced with an insubordinate employee, it’s essential to act in the interests of the task at hand and stick to your guns. Obviously this is better if you haven’t just ordered nuclear war on the basis of your own obsession with bodily fluids.

When David Brent finds himself the unwitting subject of a graphic montage going round the office, he makes a public display of cracking down on ‘porno laughs’. Laudable. But best get your facts straight before you steam in, and don’t backtrack when the culprit turns out to be your mate.

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