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This week we're studying the youth market. Our hip tutors: Nathan Barley, Jack Black and Spinal Tap.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

A tip for anyone wanting to start a business – go for the youth. They’ve got all the disposable income, and they’ll snap up the most ridiculous product as long as they're convinced that it's cool. Here Nathan Barley rushes to copy his hero’s new hairdo, which is actually just the unfortunate result of a drunken sleep in a pile of paints.

The youth may be a ripe market, but it’s best not to exclude the rest of the world in the pursuit of their cash. In High Fidelity, Jack Black allows his sales judgment to get clouded by his opinion of Stevie Wonder’s later output.

Youths like controversy. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for many figures in the corporate world. Spinal Tap found this out with the sleeve for their Smell the Glove LP. Their idea – a woman on all fours, on a lead with a glove thrust in her face – was deemed sexist. Compromise, however, just doesn’t work.

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