Leadership - the personal touch

The right way to think about building great relationships as a leader is to consider the personal relationships you have had which are energising and inspiring.

by Business Strategy Review
Last Updated: 23 Jul 2013

If you can re-create the positive and inspiring relationships in the workplace, you will achieve more effective leadership results. To do so, you have to open up to the people you lead, listen to their needs and concerns and share your own with them. You also need to be prepared to coach them.

There are five keys to creating these big relationships:

You need to listen generously to find out what really matters to the people working for you; you must be able to talk straight, saying the tough things as well as the nice ones; people will need to understand your hopes and dreams, and therefore you need to open up; you can frame a future relationship that is engaging and inspiring and then help your people to work towards it; and, finally, leaders should find ways to keep learning new things and challenging old perspectives.

Leaders relate
Anthony Landale
Business Strategy Review Autumn 2006
Review by Morice Mendoza

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