09.30 Welcome Remarks

Adam Gale, Editor, Management Today

Reacting to Grow Your Business in 2021

09:35 The Future of Work & How Companies can Succeed in 2021

Keynote Presentation

Day after day, the headlines are crashing in on us and whether it is a statement from a beleaguered CEO, projections from scientists, a local government official or the Prime Minister, it makes for stark reading. However all is not lost and the companies who are quick to innovate, diversify and above all, support their employees can be the ones to watch in 2021.

Our keynote speaker will cover:

        • Leaders have previously been hailed for being strong, stable, capable, driven and often risk-adverse, however the recent pandemic has turned everything on its head. What traits and characteristics do leaders need to show when the pace of change is so immediate?
        • What the Future of Work will look like for the employee
        • The importance of health and productivity and a values-based culture
        • How can companies emerge from the pandemic to be stronger and future-fit?

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE

10:00 The Management Today Fireside Chat: How to lead an innovative business and demonstrate positivity in a pandemic

The interview will cover:

        • The importance of innovation during unprecedented times
        • The delivery of strong positive messages to support and nurture your employees
        • How to respond to the needs of your consumers
        • How to be a positive leader

Josh Graff, UK Country Manager and VP, EMEA, LinkedIn
Interviewed by: Adam Gale, Editor, Management Today

10:30 Learning to Lead

Leading through complex business change requires a very different skill set from leading an organisation through calm still waters.

This session will cover:

        • The importance of learning and development for experienced c-suite leaders
        • How do you equip your leaders with the skills required to manage a hybrid workforce in 2021?
        • How do you make learning a priority for your teams?
        • Where should you place your emphasis? Will a focus on soft skills unlock the potential of your team?

Chantal Free, Executive Officer People Solutions, Capita

10:55 Preparing for Fast-Paced Change

From Brexit to Covid-19, businesses have needed to be prepared for an onslaught of changes in rules and regulations. 2020 has seen an increase in government intervention like never before with lockdown and the furlough scheme. Our panel will cover how leaders can prepare themselves for fast-paced change and a new trading landscape.

Learn how:

  • Other leaders are preparing for the unknown
  • To respond to political and regulatory changes that affect business in the UK and with the European Union
  • To work with local and national government on issues that directly affect your staff, customers and ability to trade

Russell Haworth, CEO, Nominet
Shayoni Lynn, Founder, Lynn PR
Chaired by: Stephen Jones, Reporter, Management Today

11:45 Building a Business to Challenge the Status Quo

Our next session focuses on a new business that has been created to support independent bookstores and has seen immense success with its initial launch in the US earlier this year. Now rivalling Amazon with very healthy book sales in the UK, theirs is an exciting story to tell and a business which is thriving during this difficult year.

Andy Hunter, the CEO of will cover:

  • The creation and launch of and the reasons behind it
  • How to spot opportunities in a seemingly crowded marketplace
  • How they are taking on Amazon and growing their business

Andy Hunter, CEO,

12:15 Lunch Break & Opportunity to Network with other Attendees

Adapting your Business to Drive Performance

1:15 Resilient Leadership: Responding to the Pace of Change


        • When it appears to be impossible to set out a plan and follow a regular forecast, what can leaders do to plan ahead for the future?
        • How should you set objectives when the future of the workplace is unknown and precarious?
        • How can you build a resilient and adaptable workforce with a clear aim and focus?
        • What deliverables can you implement to aim for success?
        • Where do we go from here to build a better stronger business?

Alison Wilcox, Group HR Director, BT
Chaired by: Orianna Rosa Royle, Reporter, Management Today

2:10 A World of Opportunity

From Lego to Netflix to Spotify, there are many examples of companies throughout time, who have changed their business model and seen huge success in doing so. Success stories have also emerged throughout the pandemic when companies have shown innovation and flexibility.

Hear three case studies on how a change to their business model has seen an increase in their performance. Gain valuable insight on how this has transformed their business for the better. This will be followed by a Q&A session with the three speakers.

Case Study 1

Doing things differently: How to transform your business and bring the board with you

Hear from a centuries-old business about how they have managed to stay relevant and desirable to their consumers. The speaker will address their challenge of delivering quality products whilst embracing new technology and changing the business model.

They will discuss:

    • The creation of products and services that are relevant and successful in today’s markets
    • How new technologies can promote your products effectively
    • How to engage and work with the board of directors to address implementing a significant change to your business

Dr Astrid Fontaine, member of the board, People, Digitalisation and IT, Bentley Group

Case Study 2

Fostering Company Loyalty to Maximise Business Performance

In order to keep innovation at the forefront of your business and to aspire for growth, this can only be achieved by employing and retaining the best possible people for the job. With staff being your fuel, this has to be a leader’s top priority.


  • What changes need to be made to recruitment processes when staff and candidates are working remotely?
  • How do you embed inclusion as part of your recruitment strategies to attract a diverse and engaged team?
  • How do you reach and train new starters?

Sue Unerman, Chief Transformation Officer, MediaCom

Case Study 3

Evaluating customer need: how to change your business in response to evolving rules

From McDonalds to JW Wetherspoons to your local grocery store or bakery, anyone in the food and beverage industry had to diversify or die when the country locked down in March.

Our final case study will cover market-need and the importance of changing your business model in order to retain your customers in a tough trading climate.

Hear how this company:

  • Responded to lockdown and retained their customers despite being forced to close their doors.
  • Engaged with their customers whilst unable to offer their usual services.
  • Having built their business to perform against the odds.

Claire Warner, Co-founder, AEcorn

2:50 The Power of Technology for Driving Business Change

Embracing new technology can see huge advances for a company and a boost to their bottom line, but is it always the answer? What problems and challenges are thrown up by a reliance on technology and how can this work in a hybrid workplace? How can technology protect your staff and your business?

3:15 Money Matters - Top Tips for Boosting your Business through Investment in 2021

Panel Discussion

  • How to act decisively and mitigate risks when unforeseen circumstances crop up
  • When the going gets tough, what advice can you offer for managing your cash flow more effectively?
  • How do you find new sources of investment?
  • What can the Finance department do to support innovation throughout the company?

Wol Kolade, Managing Partner, Livingbridge
Katrin Herrling, CEO & Co-Founder, FUNDING XCHANGE
Ben Johnson, Director of Financial Partnerships, Xero
Chaired by: Robert Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Associations Group & Haymarket Business Media

3:50 Channelling Leadership's Greatest Assets: How to Adapt, Innovate and Thrive

Our final interview of the day is with a hugely successful well-known leader who has run businesses at all stages. From being at the helm of a start-up to overseeing a high street turn-around, Simon Calver has lengthy experience in leading business change.

He will cover:

  • The skills you need as a leader to see your brand through hyper-growth
  • How to plot a new course when the company you lead is sitting in the red
  • How you can drive your business to success through adapting the model and encouraging innovation
  • What it takes for a business to thrive in today's climate

Simon Calver, former CEO, Mothercare & LOVEFILM
Interviewed by: Adam Gale, Editor, Management Today

4:15 Closing remarks & Summation from Management Today

*Agenda subject to change