09.30 Welcome Remarks & Explanation of Key Features of the Digital Platform from Management Today

Adam Gale, Editor, Management Today

Challenges When Leading a Hybrid Workplace

09:35 The Future of Work & Evolving Leadership Competencies

Keynote Presentation

      • Leaders have previously been hailed for being strong, stable, capable, driven and often risk-adverse, however the recent pandemic has turned everything on its head. What traits and characteristics do leaders need to show when the pace of change is so immediate?
      • What skills are required for the future CEO beyond being functionally competent?
      • How can managers work with HR to evolve and implement the best flexible working policy that will work for the business?
      • How can you effectively communicate to a hybrid workforce to gain the best results and competitive advantage over your competition?

Professor Gareth Jones, Founding Partner, Creative Management Associates

10:00 The Management Today Lesson Sharing Interview: How I'm changing as a leader in 2021

  • What challenges have you encountered since the workforce locked down and what steps are you taking to return to some kind of normality?
  • Has your personal leadership style evolved since the start of the pandemic? If so, how?
  • How have you adapted your business during the recent crisis?

Interviewer: Adam Gale, Editor, Management Today
Interviewee: Kevin Ellis, Chairman and Senior Partner, PwC

10:30 Face to Face vs. Facetime Case Studies

Hear three case studies on how to engage, manage and deliver to your employees and clients through a digital conversation. This will be followed by a Q&A session with the three speakers.

Case Study 1

Together But Apart: Where's the laughter if we aren't together?

  • How can you build happy teams whilst juggling zoom fatigue and social distancing measures?
  • Employee engagement has never been more critical. How can you engage your team and foster an inclusive culture whilst working remotely? 
  • How can managers bring their teams together if they are working different hours and days?
  • Redundancies, restructuring and the return of furloughed staff has created a job loss fear culture. How do you support your staff to move on from this turbulent time?
  • How do you onboard new starters and ensure that they are getting the sufficient support to do their work, as well as time to bond with their new team?

Catherine Allen, HR Director, Ella's Kitchen

Case Study 2

One to One: Building Trust with Your Direct Reports in a Hybrid Environment

  • Informal conversations in the office build rapport and trust with your direct report. How can you replace these informal conversations in a digital working environment?
  • How do you address difficult topics when you aren’t in the same room? 
  • The return of the micromanager. How to effectively oversee project delivery and deadlines without micromanaging?
  • Does the annual appraisal still have a function in a hybrid workplace?

Neil Morrison BSc (Hons), Chartered FCIPD, HR Director, Severn Trent

Case Study 3

Replacing the External Face-to-Face: How do you and your team build and develop client relationships when you can’t meet people in person?

  • In a climate where client retention is critical, how can you hold on to your clients and manage their expectations?
  • Communication is key. How do you ensure that your stakeholders and clients expectations are met and that there is clarity of communication without having a face-to-face meeting?
  • How do you manage a crisis effectively and deliver tough news in a virtual world?

11:35 The Management Today Interview: What can Today’s Businesses Learn from an Early Pioneer of Flexible Working?

  • How can you maximise the output of your employees and increase productivity in a flexible working environment?
  • What are the key lessons learnt from your time establishing and developing a flexible workforce?
  • How to embed a sense of belonging with a remote or hybrid workforce?

Interviewer: Sarah Ellis, co-founder, Amazing If
Interviewee: Dame Stephanie Shirley

12:00 Lunch Break & Opportunity for Networking with other Attendees

Where Challenge Meets Oppotunity

1:00 Managing Mental Health: How Can You Manage the Covid-19 Impacts on Mental Health & Make Mental Fitness A Priority?

Panel Discussion

Managers may find they are dealing with a burgeoning mental health crisis - the results of lockdown, health and financial worries, grief and a lack of social activity.

        • How do you make sure staff are getting the support they need during this time of crisis?
        • What are the signs that employees are battling burn-out and how can you best deal with this if suffering staff are working remotely?
        • How can new ways of working alleviate stress and provide a better balance for your employees?

Paul Farmer, CEO, MIND
Shira Johnson, Organisational Development Director, HS2
Ama Afrifa-Tchie, Head of Culture & Wellbeing, Mental Health First Aid England

Oppotunities When Embracing and Developing a Hybrid Workforce

1:45 The Hybrid Workplace: the Best of Both Worlds

Hear two case studies on how to embrace the opportunities of a hybrid workplace.. This will be followed by a Q&A session with the two speakers.

Case Study 1

Opportunity knocks: How do we motivate and inspire a hybrid workforce?

Hybrid working could mean a shift to an output perspective - managers looking at results rather than hours spent at your desk. The new ways of working could change where people choose to live and how they spend their free time.

This session will cover:

  • Alternative office solutions for companies: what other options are there for bringing employees together without the cost of a full time office?
  • Technology tools- how can technology be used better to bring teams together?
  • Which aspects can we keep from remote working and the office world to create the best hybrid culture?
Case Study 2

Expecting the unexpected: How to keep your business agile during uncertain times

This final session will explore:

  • The three R’s - risk, resilience, recovery - how can you look beyond these?
  • How do you lead by looking forward?
  • How do you build an adaptable business that is resilient, nimble and able to change?
  • Paul Patterson, Head of Sales and Country Leadership, Fujitsu UK

2:35 Busting the myth of the great office return

Keynote Presentation

Even before the covid-19 pandemic began, the large global technology companies have paved the way for hybrid working. Not just because of the tools they have created that can be used across business, but also in the way they work themselves.

  • How has a global tech corporation responded to the pandemic and how has this changed their working patterns?
  • What does this mean for employees?
  • Going forward, how do they see this evolving and what does this mean for the future of the office?

Dara Nasr, Managing Director, Twitter

3:05 Closing remarks

3:10 End of conference

*Agenda subject to change