The coronavirus pandemic has acted as the largest scale social experiment in remote working. While there have been obstacles to overcome and teething problems for some, for many the ability to work effectively has put to bed any preconceptions that staff need to be in the office 24/7 in order to work. The change to a more flexible hybrid system of working, combining a greater mix of office-based and remote, looks to be permanent. But what does this mean for the companies introducing it, the staff practising it and the managers leading them?

The first of Management Today’s Future of Work series, Leading in the Hybrid Workplace, will bring together a range of business leaders and leading academics to address this shift. Lesson share and exchange ideas with other c-suite executives facing the same challenges as we navigate this new hybrid way of working together. Discussions and case studies will include: How can leaders best create and manage a workforce that is spread between office, home and remote environments?

Watch a sneak peak of our pre-recorded session with Dame Stephanie Shirley:

Learn how to:

  • Best engage your employees during a period of uncertainty whilst working remotely
  • Ensure your communication is effective and relevant
  • Motivate & inspire a hybrid workforce who are experiencing zoom fatigue
  • Adopt a new model of working through uncertain times


Confirmed speakers so far include:

  • Adam Gale, Editor, Management Today
  • Dara Nasr, Managing Director, Twitter UK
  • Sarah Ellis, Co-founder, Amazing If
  • Dame Stephanie Shirley CH, IT entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Paul Farmer, CEO, MIND
  • Catherine Allen, HR Director, Ella's Kitchen


Management Today's first event of the The Future of Work series, will bring together senior business leaders to explore the future of the workplace. Is there an optimal hybrid mix and how can businesses continue to foster effective teamwork and collaboration whilst maintaining company culture?