The Future of Workspace

Work doesn’t mean what it once did. The norms of the office, once being turn up to this place, at this time and do that task for the rest of your life – thankfully no longer apply.

New technologies both allow and demand agility from organisations, which are seeking flexible and fluid forms of working with a hunger matched only by that of their employees.

In this new world, businesses realise that talent trumps capital. And providing the best environments and cultivating the best cultures is essential to allowing their people to thrive. Yet despite all that, for many of us work still means sitting at a desk, in a less-than-inspiring office block that is simply not helping us operate at our best.

In association with joint venture developers of International Quarter London, Lendlease and LCR, Management Today will look beyond the over-hyped bean bags and explore what the rapid changes in work really mean, and how our workspaces must adapt.

What will the office look like in the future, or will we even have offices at all? Can you change a culture by changing an environment? How will different generations react to these changes?

Check back here for regular updates on these and other questions, and be the first to see what the future has in store.

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