L'entente formidable: not just a one night stand

Oh la la! President Sarkozy's UK visit has left us blowing kisses to each other over the Channel.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010
A diplomatic success, the trip also fed the tabloids with some glamorous fodder in the form of the president’s chanteuse wife Carla Bruni: her Dior outfits, her flat shoes (and his Cubans). It’s not often that we get this kind of Jackie O style in a state visit during a wintry March.

But it’s not all about l’amour, you know, despite the sweet nothings whispered by the diminutive Sarkozy into Gordon Brown’s shell-like. At Arsenal’s Emirates stadium yesterday, the two leaders agreed to create a ‘partnership of pioneers’, so that together (and ‘hand in hand’), they can take on global crises, migration, aid to Africa, and climate change.

There is also an expectation that the two countries will jump into Britain’s nuclear bed together, with Britain leaning on French expertise as it begins an expansionist phase in its atomic energy strategy. Let’s hope the neutrons fly.

So, as the hullabaloo dies down, what impressions are we left with? That Sarkozy lurves the Brits, that the visit heralds a closer relationship between us and them, and that Carla is the red-tops’ new first lady (better not mention her more revealing pictures).

As the Sarkozys disappear into the sunset (MT says good job they have their own private jet; T5 would have been a cauchemar), we’ll be getting back to business as usual, wishing perhaps that our own first couple had a touch of gallic charm about them…

But don’t fret yourself into bout of post-coital despair - Nicolas is keen to reassure us that our relationship is more than a fling. ‘It is not simply a matter of a one-night stand. I believe that we can go into next-day breakfast as well.’ But will he still love us next week?

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