Lessons in advertising, from YouTube

How to catch the eye, with Ridley Scott, the Day Today and Reeves and Mortimer.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

They don’t make them like they used to. Ridley Scott, still fairly fresh from his Blade Runner success, shows us all how to do it. His 1984 ad for the launch of the Apple Macintosh seared itself in the collective memory, encapsulating the anti-establishment ethos that has driven the brand since.

From one iconic brand to another, albeit one that’s looking a touch tired these days. MTV in its heyday was a master in standing out from the crowd, with a distinctive style and attitude tailored perfect for its market. Fortunately this makes it ripe for a send-up, as in the Day Today’s Rok TV, which even finds room for an unusual Nirvana-backed advert.

In tough economic times, it's probably not the time to dream of getting renowned directors on board for promo work. But you still have to make your advertising count, even with a lower budget. Reeves & Mortimer's folk singing Mulligan and O’Hare pull it off: who doesn’t want to buy the duo's ‘Moods’ LP after this work of lo-fi genius?

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Lessons in advertising, from YouTube

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