Lessons in ambition, from YouTube

Reaching your goals, with Team America, Citizen Kane and Wile E Coyote...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Picture your path. By keeping your goal in mind, and envisioning every step along the way, you’ll be that much more likely to reach it. Of course, it helps to have an inspirational rock soundtrack to help you on the way, like this montage scene in Team America.

Understand the effect on others. You may understand your vision implicitly, but you can’t expect everyone around you to do the same. A dedication to success may mean sacrifices in other departments, and some tough choices. And there’s no greater warning of the perils of ambition than Citizen Kane.

Keep your eyes on the prize, but don’t get so obsessed that you can’t spot that the goalposts have shifted. Whether you’re targeting a new market for your business, or that golden career move, be sure you’re chasing the right thing. You don’t want to taste the achievement, only to find it doesn’t actually fit. As when Road Runner’s Wile E Coyote finally gets lucky.

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