Lessons in crisis management, from YouTube

How to handle those moments, from Dr Strangelove, Reginald Perrin and the Onion.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Stay calm. The average boss may not have to deal with anything on the scale of nuclear catastrophe, but it still helps to be conciliatory. Take a few lessons from Peter Sellers' president in Dr Strangelove. Faced with imminent apocalypse, and a drunk Russian PM on the other end of the hotline, he is the picture of cool.

Nip it in the bud early. This goes for personal crises as well as the professional. Let things take hold and you may find your work being adversely affected by your personal troubles. While such a collapse makes life more interesting for Reginald Perrin, it's not recommended for the rest of us.

And finally, it's back to Beijing. When dealing with a desperate situation, it's best to be open, and not try to cover it up. In other words, precisely the opposite of the Chinese in this report from The Onion: its government is insistent that the latest mass outbreak of flu is, in fact, Olympic fever.

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Lessons in crisis management, from YouTube

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