Lessons in getting ahead, from YouTube

Taking your chance to impress the boss, with help from Larry Sanders, Blazing Saddles and The Office...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Sometimes we’re presented with an ideal, one-to-one moment in which to impress our value on the boss and demonstrate our commitment to the job. Here, The Office, The Larry Sanders Show and Blazing Saddles show us how not to do it…

Pick the right moment. When it looks as if chat show host Larry Sanders might be leaving the network, side-kick Hank, fearful of losing his job and irate at finding a dog has made a mess of his shoes, chooses the wrong moment (and the creepiest metaphor) to impress his worth upon potential new boss Jon Stewart.

Sometimes you can just go too far in trying to impress the boss. In this clip, Blazing Saddles’ bad guy Taggart provides boss Hedley Lamarr with a service that is surely outside his job description, and learns that if you want to compliment the chief, you’d better pick your words carefully

Tact is always appreciated. Here, Gareth from The Office demonstrates his lack of it, and learns that being useful is not always the same thing as being honest when he is asked to help manager, David Brent, prepare his motivational speech. It's never a good idea to de-motivate your boss...

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