Lessons in handling shocks, from YouTube

How to deal with a kick in the teeth, with the Day Today, How Not to Live Your Life, and the Coen brothers.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Dignity is an important commodity. Even when it comes to losing your job, it’s best to keep your head. You never know when you may cross paths with that boss again. Thus, as the title How Not to Live Your Life suggests, you shouldn’t do any of this

Control your emotions. When things seem to be going well, there’s often something waiting in the wings to leap out and leave you stunned. Get to the bottom of the problem. Still, show some tact. In the Coen brothers’ Hudsucker Proxy, being businesslike appears more than a touch callous.

Be prepared. There’s often no reason bad news can’t be used to your advantage if you’re ready for it and can respond quickly. Just look at the way the crew of the Day Today reacts to the outbreak of war. Okay, so they basically started it so they could report on it. We're not advocating that as a sound business model…

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Lessons in handling shocks, from YouTube

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