Lessons in overcoming obstacles, from YouTube

Hop the hurdles with Batman, Monty Python and Laurel & Hardy.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Be resourceful. In business it helps to be strong and persevering, but sometimes that’s not enough. As the kitsch 1960s Batman discovers, when you’ve got a shark hanging off your leg it helps to know what you've got in the locker. ‘Holy sardines’ indeed.

In business, things don’t exist in a vacuum. There’s a danger of getting so focused on the issue at hand that we don’t see other stuff that’s equally irksome. Here Laurel and Hardy are doing a rather good job of getting their piano across the rickety rope bridge, but don’t notice another hairy situation threatening to send the whole thing tumbling.

Don't drop your guard. Overestimate your own strengths, or downplay the scale of the issue, and a problem that appears harmless may actually be your downfall. And unlike Monty Python’s knights facing the ‘killer rabbit’, in business you can’t really ‘run away’.

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