Lessons in personal matters, from YouTube

Dealing with sensitive issues - with 30 Rock, the US Office, and Big Train.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Walk the talk. In hit sitcom 30 Rock, Tina Fey is forced to take the new intern aside for her provocative dress. The lesson here: when commenting on someone else, it helps to be at your best too. When you're giving someone a dressing-down, it helps not to have food stains on your shirt.

Help your employees, don't unload yourself on them. We may well have featured the UK equivalent to this scene before, but it features such a good example of over-stepping the employer-employee line that it's worth seeing again. Michael, the boss in the American version of the Office, had a bit of a health scare the night before; even so, one shouldn't burden one's employees with the details - especially on their lunch break.

Know the line. Some issues may not seem sensitive, but they are. If it may offend, best leave it unsaid. In this Big Train sketch, the blokes in the office think it a good idea for their cartoonist mate to sketch the boss. Which turns out to be rather upsetting.

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Lessons in personal matters, from YouTube

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