Look after your money, with YouTube

How to avoid debt, with Bart Simpson, Blackadder and Family Guy

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

This week, government borrowing was revealed to have reached a record £77.3bn over the last 6 months, having doubled from last year. So we thought we’d look to YouTube for a few tips on managing your money…


Spend wisely:

An investment might seem canny at the time, but if you don’t think ahead you might regret it later. When The Simpsons Bart and Milhouse strike it rich, they decide to go on a sugar bender. It’s all fun and games until Bart wakes up in the morning...


Choose financial partners with care:

If you are running a bit low on funds, you could always try and set up a joint venture. But be careful - commerical courtships can be every bit as fraught as real ones. Just see what happens to Blackadder when he finds the cash-strapped Prince George a nice girl with a fat dowry to woo...


Deal with things before they get out of control:

Resolving financial problems promptly can help avoid humiliation later. When Family Guy Peter Griffin needs money, he turns to robbery. It isn’t as lucrative as he’d hoped.


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Look after your money, with YouTube
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