Losing your temper at work, with YouTube

Getting mad to get your own way, with Network, Falling Down and Happy Gilmore.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Throwing a strop in the office is not generally considered best practice. But in the week that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost her temper with someone who she thought was asking about her husband's opinion on a political issue (can't think why she'd be so touchy), the worldwide wonder-web reminds us that getting mad is often the best possible way of getting results fast.

Say what everyone's thinking
In Network, UBS news anchor Howard Beale doesn't react well to being fired - he threatens to kill himself live on air. He's allowed back on TV to say his farewells, but instead rants about how terrible everything is (in the midst of a financial crisis - ring any bells?). It culminates in this famous speech, where he urges viewers to run to their window and shout: 'I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this any more'. Before long, he's fronting the top-rated show on TV.

Right a wrong
'Have you ever heard the expression: The customer is always right?' In Falling Down, Michael Douglas's character (who's recently come into possession of a bag of guns) tries to get breakfast at his local fast food restaurant, only to be told that he's three minutes late. But when he starts waving an assault rifle in their faces, their customer services suddenly comes on leaps and bounds.

Choose your battles
Sometimes you can pick one fight too many. Hockey player-turned-golfer Happy Gilmore has a well-known temper problem, which leads to the odd altercation with sarcastic spectators (amongst others). But when he loses his temper with his pro-am partner, US game show host Bob Barker, Happy gets a little more than he bargained for. Never forget that there's people around who have seen it all before...

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Losing your temper at work, with YouTube

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